1. Where is the original of the products?

All of our Cummins engines are made in China. Most of our Cummins spare parts are made in China. There are some of Cummins spare parts made in USA.

2. What's the MOQ of your products?

The MOQ of Cummins engines is one unit. Most of our spare parts we can send one piece of one set as sample.

3. What's the package of the engines and spare parts?

Usually engines and spare parts will be packed in wooden cases. If the spare parts sent as sample, we will provide cartons for packing.

4. How about the delivery time?

If there are products in stock, we will send them to the airport or seaport within two days. Otherwise it will need 5-20 days according to the order quantity.

5. What kind of payment term is available?

T/T, Western Union, L/C.

6. How is the quality of your Cummins engines and spare parts?

All the engines and spare parts are from Cummins Chinese factory.

7. What services can you offer?

If you are OEM factory, our technicians can help you choose right engines suitable for your equipments. We can provide not only engines, but also cooling system, air intake system, exhaust system, fuel system, engine support system, engine control system. You can contact us by skype, whatsapp, email. We will always on line.

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