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Testing Process of B210-33 Truck Engine Before Delivery
( Updated: Jul 10, 2017 )

Basic information of B210-33 Truck Engine

Engine model B210-33
Engine type 6 cylinders in line
Displacement 5.9L
Rated Power(KW@RPM) 155kW(210 HP)@2500rpm
Peak Torque(Nm@RPM)700 N.m @1500rpm
Emission Standard Euro 3

Technical Datasheet of B210-33 Truck Engine
Bore*stroke 102*120mm
Intake method Turbochager&Intercooled
Fuel systeme Wuxi Weifu Pump
Cooling method Fluid Cooling 7.0L
Governor Type Mechanical Control
Compression Ratio 17.3:1
Fuel Consumption: 46.7 L/hr@Rated Power
Starting System Electrical Starting Motor 12V/500A; 24V/250A
Lowest Starting Temp .(with/without auxiliary system) -10°C/-25°C

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