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Product Name: Cummins L290 30

Engine Model :L290 30
Displacement :8.3L
Cylinders :6
Engine Size :1100*900*1250mm
Net Weight: 615KG
Engine Type :mechanical pump
Aspiration :Turbocharged & Intercooled
Certification: China III
Rated Power(KW): 213kW
Rated Power(HP) :290HP
Rated Power Speed :2200RPM
Peak Torque :1200N.m
Peak Torque Speed :1300r/min



Genuine DCEC Cummins Diesel Truck Engine (L290 30)

Welcome to contact us to get engine drawings and more detailed information. Engine cooling system, air intake system, exhaust system and control system are available. 
It's also for us to supply all the spare parts for Cummins L290 30 truck diesel engine. 


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