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Product Name: Cummins ISDe180 30

Engine model:ISDe180 30
Engine series: Dongfeng Cummins ISDe Series
Application: Truck
Air intake ways: Turbo charged, mid-cooling
Cylinder number: 4
Fuel type: Diesel
Engine cylinders position :4 cylinders in line
Displacement :4.5L
Emission level :China 3
Max output power: 136kw
Rated power speed :2500RPM
Max torque :650 N.m
Max torque speed :1200-1700r/min


ISDe180 30 truck engine 136KW/2500RPM Cummins diesel vehicle engine

Welcome to contact us to get engine drawings and more detailed information. Engine cooling system, air intake system, exhaust system and control system are available. 
It's also for us to supply all the spare parts for Cummins ISDe180 30 truck diesel engine. 


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